What we do

We provide an interactive learning experience for kids and youth

We teach Arabic, through a rich experience, powerful speaking and conversations, reading and writting. We develop your kids communication skills and self-esteem, preparing them for a better tomorrow

Teach Arabic for native and non-native speakers

We have different levels that suite your needs or your kids needs that suite their level of competency

Become a powerful listener

Our audio vistual aids and interaction in the class, will equip your kids with the skills to understand the language

Develop writting skills

Our activities and stuctured methods will enable your kid to write well structued and expressive writting

Enrich their vocabulary and use of words

With our interational Curriculum, your kids will be on a continuous development of words and expressions that will empower them to master the language as they progress in our structured Curriculum

A personality Shaping experience

Our methods not only teach Arabic, but also help the kids develop their confidence levels, creativity and communication skills and social skills.


Develop and build your Language skills

The Arabic language has many great gyms, through rich literature, to beatiful calligraphy, and over 1.4 Billion People speaking the language


1.4 Billion



Success rate

The Experiece

Open minding and Highly Interactive Learning Experience

We teach all language skills through a social environment, and help each individual develop his and her communiations skills though effective use of the language.

Highly Interactive in class Lessons

We use interactive educational aids, videos and audio, making the experience fun and a joy to learn

Friendly Leaning Environment

We teaching are based on respect and openness. Mutli-cultural and multi-national

Socially focused Learning

Develop speaking and communication skills through conversations and presentations

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